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Site last amended 21 September 2023


Social get together 19 September 2023 21-09-23


Thanks to Chris Finill we now have up-to-date medal images 24-04-23


2023 - All 7 started and all 7 finished!

Ken ran virtually in Northern Ireland and David in the Chilterns. The rest ran in the main Mass event

More photos


Go to Performances to see updated Graphs for 2023

  O/a Gender   Name Club No Category Event Half Finish
1 6425 5482 66 Finill, Chris (GBR) Harrow AC 42024 60-64 Mass 01:33:41 03:21:00
2 24183 16934 31 Peace, Michael (GBR) Ranelagh Harriers 45931 70-74 Mass 01:55:46 04:20:06
3 44630 27024 31 O'connor, William (NZL) Queen's Park Harriers 45932 75-79 Mass 02:45:44 05:57:59
4 47702 28094 7 Speake, Malcolm (GBR) 26.2 Road Runners Club 45609 80+ Mass 03:28:20 06:56:16
5 51709 30222 54 Walker, David (GBR) Chiltern Harriers AC V2724 75-79 Virtual  
6 51977 30310 59
Aston, Jeffrey (GBR)
Les Croupiers 45933 75-79 Mass 03:14:06 08:08:01
7 52371 30481 16 Jones, Kenneth (GBR) Orion Harriers V3115 80+ Virtual   08:54:01



Who on earth are these people?... what is this Web site about?

They are a body of men whose common denominator is the London Marathon.  Back in 1981 they all took part in the inaugural race of what is now the leading Marathon in the world.  In most cases, but definitely not all,  they have less hair, less teeth, less ability - however, their driving force, dedication and perseverance is still there.  One thing is for certain they are all forty-two years older and some might even say forty-two years wiser!

Yes, these 42 runners belong to that worthy group called the "Ever Present". After the fifteenth London Marathon (1995) the group was acknowledged "by the powers that be" and they were awarded with a special commemorative medal, sweatshirt and a guaranteed acceptance for future London's.  The original 42 have now been whittled down to 7.

The 7 have completed all forty-three London Marathons - some times quicker and sometimes slower. They are all club runners and all have PB's inside 3 hours, in some cases well inside! They cover the whole spectrum of today's athletics; they come from all walks of life, different locations and assorted occupations (?) most are now retired!!  

Next year's event, on 21 April 2024, will be the 44th and will be sponsored again by TCS - Tata Consultancy Services

Please browse the rest of this site to learn more of this unique group of people.


Thanks to Chris Finill we now have up-to-date medal images 13-12-22


2022 - All 7 started and finished!

Ken ran virtually in Northern Ireland the rest ran in the main Mass event

More photos

3 October 2021 - 41st London Marathon

Few more photos here...

Read what Dale has been up to.... 2-07-21

The 40th London Marathon was moved to 4 October 2020 due to Coronavirus and was for Elite runners only.

On the same day there was a virtual marathon for all non-elite, including ALL 10 Ever Present's.

Ten started and ten finished 6-10-20

Due to Coronavirus there was no meet up prior to the 2020 event, therefore no group photos.

photos here...

At last our jolly ten made the News
Read what ITV have to say - also PA Media video on Twitter

28 April 2019 - Eight made the photo call on time! more photos here...

Bill O'Connor, Jeff Aston, Charles Cousens, David Walker,  Mac Speake, Roger Low, Dale Lyons
Chris Finill

The other three were late as always...

Mike Peace, Ken Jones, Terry Macey


Read Dales final write up... 4-05-19

Interesting facts from Rainer updated 29-04-19


Eleven made the main photo call for the 38th London on 22 April 2018 more photos here...

 Mac Speake, Terry Macey, Mike Peace, Chris Finill, Dale Lyons, Charles Cousens, Bill O'Connor, Mike Wilkinson,  Jeff Aston, Mick McGeoch, David Walker


Dale Lyons latest report... 25-04-18
Watch the video of Ken 28-04-18
Read about Ken Jones in this years Marathon 11-04-18


In case anyone is wondering what happened to Chris Finill, he was tripped after 3.5 miles, fell badly,  broke his humerus (upper arm bone and not at all funny) in two places, stopped for 5 minutes for St John’s Ambulance people to strap him up and feed him pain killers and still finished under 4 hours!  Then in hospital until 11 p,m that night... But he is still an Ever Present



On 24 August 2017 Dave Walker organised a get together at the Tower Hotel which was preceded by a tour above and below Tower Bridge. Great day out. More photos here...


Dale Lyons latest report... 4-05-17
Sad to report that Roger Mawer, Lowestoft RR. died 20 April 2017 3-05-17

Eleven current and past made the main photo call for the 37th London on 23 April 2017 more photos here...

David Walker, Ken Jones, Mike Wilkinson, Mac Speake, Bill O'Connor, Chris Finill, Dale Lyons, Jeff Aston, Mike Peel, Charles Cousens, Mike Peace (front)


Photos from Social get together 19 August 2016

All twelve made the main photo call for the 36th London on 24 April 2016 more photos here...

Ken Jones, Bill O'Connor, Dale Lyons, Jeff Aston, Chris Finill, Roger Low, Charles Cousens, Terry Macey
Mac Speake, Steve Wehrle, David Walker, Mike Peace



John Wright of ‘Perfectly Engraved’ has been honoured to work with Dale Lyons on developing a bespoke glass award for the London Marathon Ever-presents. "Congratulations to you all for your thirty-five years of participation and endeavour.” The 12 remaining Ever-presents were delighted with their magnificent, engraved and personalised glass trophies and said they would have pride of place in their collection.


We started off with 42 in 1995 - after the 2015 edition we were down to 12 and we are still 12!

Five of us met up on Thursday, 21 April 2016 at registration 21-04-16

Watch Mike Peace on BBC's Get Inspired website 26-04-16

Get Inspired: Inspirational stories from the London Marathon start line by BBC - Ken Jones is featured 21-04-16

Jeff Aston was interviewed by Eleri Sion on BBC Radio Wales - listen here... 18-04-16


Download the PDF of the article on the 12 remaining Ever Presents from the May 2016 issue of Runner's World.
With the permission of Runners World

The photographer was Ben Knight:


Twelve made the photo call for the 35th London on 26 April 2015 more photos here...

Chris Finill, Jeff Aston, Bill O'Connor, Steve Wehrle, Charles Cousens, Pat Dobbs, Terry Macey

Mike Peace, Roger Low, Mac Speake, David Walker, Dale Lyons


More about the EP's in todays Daily Mirror. 28-04-15

Read all about the EP's in todays Daily Mirror. 24-04-15


Eleven made the photo call for the 34th London on 13 April 2014 more photos here...

Chris Finill, Dale Lyons, Steve Wehrle, David Walker, Jeff Aston, Charles Cousens, David Fereday, Mac Speake

Bill O'Connor, Roger Low, Pat Dobbs

Twelve made the photo call on the Green Start for the 33rd London on 21 April 2013 more photos here...
Dale Lyons, David Fereday,Steve Wehrle, Roger Low, Jeff Aston, Bill O'Connor, Mike Peel, Mike Wilkinson
David Walker, Chris Finill, Charles Cousens, Pat Dobbs

Twelve made the photo call on the Green Start for the 32nd London on 22 April 2012 more photos here...
Steve Wehrle, Bill O'Connor, Roger Low, Jeff Aston, David Walker, Charles Cousens, Dale Lyons, Mike Peel, Mike Wilkinson
Pat Dobbs, Mike Peace, Chris Finill

Four registered on Thursday and were interviewed by Vicki Barker, a radio reporter for npr & CBS News in the US of A.
The result of which were broadcast in the States on Sunday morning... 22-04-12

Jeffrey Gordon carried the Olympic Torch on Monday 23 July 2012, the same day as Mike Peel.
Bill O'connor was also carrying, his stint was Wednesday 25 July 2012. 2-07-12
Ken Jones carried in Ireland on 6 June 2012 10-06-12

Chris Finill has now been presented with his Guinness World Record Certificate... 14-02-11


Remember when Chris Finill ran across America from California to New York in the Fall of 2011 in 79 days 22 hours?

You can now view the video of the event.

31st London 17 April 2011 - Eleven made the photo call, others came late... More photos here...
Mike Peel, Charles Cousens, Bill O'Connor, David Walker, Jeff Aston, Steve Wehrle, Dale Lyons, Roger Low
Mike Peace, Pat Dobbs, Rainer Burchett

Fourteen made it to the Green Start Photo Call on 25 April 2010 - more photos here...
Tony Tillbrooke, Dale Lyons, Mike Peel, Bill O'Connor, David Walker, Steve Wehrle,
David Clark, Jeff Aston, Charles Cousens, Pat Dobbs, Jeff Gordon
Rainer Burchett, Mike Peace

26 April 2009 - Only 12 this time - but found more inside the Green Start - more photos here...
Tony Tillbrooke, Dave Clark, Mike Peel, John Hanscomb, Dale Lyons, Jeffrey Gordon, Steve Wehrle
Pat Dobbs, Rainer Burchett, Jeff Aston, Mike Peace, Bill O'Connor

13 (again!) made the photo call on 13 April 2008 - sporting our fancy new t-shirts... more photos here...
Mike Peel, Jeffrey Gordon, Pat Dobbs, Steve Wehrle, Bill O'Connor, Chris Finill, John Hanscomb, Dale Lyons, Dave Walker, Jeff Aston
Rainer Burchett, Mike Peace, Mike Wilkinson

2007 - managed to get 13 this year...

Ten men & true - about to start their 26th London 23 April 2006

In 2005 we were all on the Green start to celebrate the 25th London Marathon


Both sent in by Dale Lyons.

After the 21st the organizers presented each Ever Present with a plaque to commemorate the fact.

Sadly John Legge, Orion Harriers, died on Sunday 18 February 2001.
Chris Adams, also Orion Harriers, died in October 2002
Max Jones, Birchfield Harriers, died 14 March 2010
Roger Mawer, Lowestoft RR. died 20 April 2017
David Fereday, Barnet & District, died September 2017
Derrick Pickering, East Hull Harriers & AC, died October 2017


A Great post Christmas present...


This is the story of 42 marathon runners who were created as the ‘Everpresents’ by the London Marathon in 1995 after they run 15 consecutive Londons.. Now, 34 years later only 14 remain.
Their story is a testimony to a ‘never say die’ spirit that has sustained them during the thousands of marathons they have run all over the world.
Dale Lyons, one of the last 15, has combined a detailed factual record from his research with many heart warming anecdotes and incredible hardship stories in tracking the Everpresents’ journey since 1981.
Their triumphs and cruel disappointments, the amazing sums they have raised for countless charities, their incredible running records at home and abroad and their fascinating and colourful lives away from the marathon treadmill makes for absorbing and enlightening reading.
This is a book to honour their commitment to the London, one of the greatest city Marathons and provides a lasting tribute to a rapidly diminishing group ravaged by injury, accident, illness and death.
The book will provide inspiration and motivation not only to marathon runners but to those watching the London each year thinking “that could be me!”
Publishing end of January 2014 266 pages, price £7.99 + £2.60 pp. Orders to Dale Lyons 

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