London Marathon

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This page last updated 21 September 2023


Photo Gallery

Photos from Social get together 19 September 2023



23 April 2023 - the 43rd London


Photos from Mac Speake






David W finished the Virtual and Mac S the Mass

Chris Finill near the end - from Steve W



2 October 2022 - the 42nd London





3 October 2021 - the 41st London


Due to Coronavirus there was no m3 October 2021 - the 41st Londoneet up prior to the 2021 event, therefore no group photos.



4 October 2020 - the 40th London


Due to Coronavirus there was no meet up prior to the 2020 event, therefore no group photos.








Steve helping out





28 April 2019 - the 39th London


22 April 2018 - the 38th London

Above photos from Ben Queenborough Photography & Film

From Dale

Photos from Social get together 24 August 2017

Dave Walker organised a get together at the Tower Hotel which was preceded by a tour above and below Tower Bridge. Great day out.


23 April 2017 - the 37th London


Photos from Social get together 19 August 2016


26 active and non-active EP's had a very nice meeting with lunch at the BBC Club in London


24 April 2016 - the 36th London

All twelve made the main photo call for the 36th London on 24 April 2016

Ken Jones, Bill O'Connor, Dale Lyons, Jeff Aston, Chris Finill, Roger Low, Charles Cousens, Terry Macey
Mac Speake, Steve Wehrle, David Walker, Mike Peace

Five of us met up on Thursday, 21 April 2016 at registration

26 April 2015 - the 35th London

Twelve made the photo call for the 35th London on 26 April 2015

Chris Finill, Jeff Aston, Bill O'Connor, Steve Wehrle, Charles Cousens, Pat Dobbs, Terry Macey

Mike Peace, Roger Low, Mac Speake, David Walker, Dale Lyons


More about the EP's in todays Daily Mirror. 28-04-15

Read all about the EP's in todays Daily Mirror. 24-04-15

Four of us met up on Thursday, 23 April 2015.


Dale never gives up! Read about his latest problems and solutions... 23-02-15


13 April 2014 - the 34th London


Eleven made the photo call for the 34th London on 13 April 2014

Chris Finill, Dale Lyons, Steve Wehrle, David Walker, Jeff Aston, Charles Cousens, David Fereday, Mac Speake

Bill O'Connor, Roger Low, Pat Dobbs

Dale selling his book... with Steve, David & Mike, Friday 11 April 2014


Dale's new ankle


21 April 2013 - the 33rd London


Twelve made the photo call on the Green Start for the 33rd London on 21 April 2013
Dale Lyons, David Fereday,Steve Wehrle, Roger Low, Jeff Aston, Bill O'Connor, Mike Peel, Mike Wilkinson
David Walker, Chris Finill, Charles Cousens, Pat Dobbs

















Eight of us got together for a spot of lunch, a few beers and to show off our new T-shirts, 23 August 2013 at the Marquis Pub

22 April 2012 - the 32nd London






Twelve made the photo call on the Green Start for the 32nd London on 22 April 2012
Steve Wehrle, Bill O'Connor, Roger Low, Jeff Aston, David Walker, Charles Cousens, Dale Lyons, Mike Peel, Mike Wilkinson
Pat Dobbs, Mike Peace, Chris Finill


All over for another year... Steve & David.


Four registered on Thursday and were interviewed by Vicki Barker, a radio reporter for npr & CBS News in the US of A.
The result of which were broadcast in the States on Sunday morning... 22-04-12


17 April 2011 - the 31st London

31st London 17 April 2011 - Eleven made the photo call, others came late...
Mike Peel, Charles Cousens, Bill O'Connor, David Walker, Jeff Aston, Steve Wehrle, Dale Lyons, Roger Low
Mike Peace, Pat Dobbs, Rainer Burchett









25 April 2010 - the 30th London

Fourteen made it to the Green Start Photo Call on 25 April 2010
Tony Tillbrooke, Dale Lyons, Mike Peel, Bill O'Connor, David Walker, Steve Wehrle,
David Clark, Jeff Aston, Charles Cousens, Pat Dobbs, Jeff Gordon
Rainer Burchett, Mike Peace











The following are from 26 April 2009

26 April 2009 - Only 12 this time - but found more inside the Green Start
Tony Tillbrooke, Dave Clark, Mike Peel, John Hanscomb, Dale Lyons, Jeffrey Gordon, Steve Wehrle
Pat Dobbs, Rainer Burchett, Jeff Aston, Mike Peace, Bill O'Connor

13 April 2008

13 (again!) made the photo call on 13 April 2008 - sporting our fancy new t-shirts...
Mike Peel, Jeffrey Gordon, Pat Dobbs, Steve Wehrle, Bill O'Connor, Chris Finill, John Hanscomb, Dale Lyons, Dave Walker, Jeff Aston
Rainer Burchett, Mike Peace, Mike Wilkinson

2008 - Eight of us met up at registration on Thursday afternoon - all sporting our new T-shirts kindly made and donated by Julian Gordon 10-04-08

Unfortunately, Mike Wilkinson has called it a day and will not be starting on 13 April - so we are now down to 23

2007 - managed to get 13 this year...

These two from 23 April 2006



Ten men & true - about to start their 26th London 23 April 2006


Rainer Burchett

Dave Clark

Bill O'Connor

Charles Cousens

Chris Filill

Roger Mawer

Terry Macey

Dave Fereday

Dave Walker

Mike Peel

Dale Lyons

Steve Wehrle

These photos were taken on Saturday 16 April 2005 at La Lanterna Restaurant, Mill Street, London SE1

At a function put on to celebrate our 25th Anniversary by the London Marathon organisers

Mike Peace

Jeff Aston


Dave Bedford and Janet Smith joined our celebration

In 2005 we were all on the Green start to celebrate the 25th London Marathon


17 April 2005 - 25 years and still at it...


A few of the Ever Present prior to the start of the 18 April 2004 Marathon
L to R Top Row Dale (Galloping Gourmet) Lyons, Steve Wehrle,
 Pat Dobbs, Dave Clark, William O'Connor
Botttom Row Jeff Aston, Rainer Burchett, Derek Pickering

Some of the Members of this elite group - 16 April 2000


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